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Sample Diagram MOB - Part 3


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Implementation Ovulation Method:

There are 2 conditions that must be fulfilled so that this can truly be relied upon as a safe KB:

1. From the wife: must familiarize themselves need to pay attention to the body's own (especially in the case of mucus) to be able to understand and make sure when the fertil. For that at the beginning of absolute need to conduct surveillance & recording.
2. From the husband: need to adjust to the self-compliance with the body of his wife in the relationship sek / coitus.

Which is very important is cooperation and understanding from her husband. This method requires a compact of cooperation between the husband and wife and willingness to "avoidance" relationships sex / coitus on days when the wife is in a fertile period.

Guidelines record for Wife:

1. If you want to know the signs with clear mucus Avoid all forms of intimacy / sexual intercourse during one cycle menstruation.
2. Start with form today. You do not have to wait until the day the curse / menstruation arrived. Provide books or write the note and blocked use marker color (spidol).
3. Observations can be done at any time throughout the day, but recommended done 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and night).
4. Charging form this should be done at night, fill in the date and hour ago write what you observed, or you feel that day. Then give marker with color according to the instructions below:

• When starting menstruation / arrive, write the date on the third line segment and start with the color red marker with the second line segment. Although the current period mucus can exit, WARNING PLEASE! (particularly when the period began to wane already). Write when you have mucus with blood menstruation (flek-flek) out of space on the fourth line.

• If the bleeding stopped and felt dry on the genitals (about sexual cavity) or no expenditure mucus dry and then write marker with the green on the evening to stop feeling dry.
Day-to-day, dry day is not the first fertile (MASA SAFE I) day-to-day and be safe for sexual/intimacy without any possibility pregnant.But for safety used to Rules Start the Day "As intermittent" (do not 2 days of consecutive pro coitus) .
But sometimes the day-to-day is not dry at all or have very long, depending on the length of this cycle menstruation.Specially for those who do not regularly cycle menstruation, possible day-to-day dry should not have got special attention.

• A large, dry days after menstruation does not necessarily, may be about 3-5 days but may not exist at all or is very long. This depends on the fast or slow ovulation and menstruation also participate in the next effect psychological women concerned.

• If you feel dry on the genitals stop / lost the premonition that this mucus is removed and began to change from day to day. Write the nature of mucus that is felt. During the mucus out of the muddy fill with yellow. On the day-to-day mucus exit this relationship should not do coitus / sex.

• Ovulation the nature of the mucus and clear out the liquid, giving a sense of wet and slippery, and when lengthen between the thumb and fingers long stretch without a drop out. Mucus as raw egg white. Give code white / blue with a baby picture. This Mucus is make women very fertil. At the time ovulation sometimes felt pain around the stomach, in the groin.

• Last day of mucus on the slippery, wet, on the vulva is top fertility or days may be the most pregnant.Give marke in the record use X.

• The first day after the summit by the secretion of mucus and a little more cloudy sticky directly or stop altogether, so this feels dry return.If this happened to you can determine the peak day with a cross (X) on that day. But if the mucus out still wet and slippery means you do not pass the peak, although the mucus out cloudy / opaque.

• During the 3 days after the peak of the day you are still in a state of fertile, so the prohibition pro coitus. If within 3 days is still out there mucus (sticky and muddy) then you need to record and use the code yellow (baby pictures). Mucous out if you feel dry and use the color green (baby pictures).

• In the day-to-4 weeks after the peak, if you feel dry give code green plain. Start this night, all the rest of the day cycle (until the next period) is the SAFE (not fertile) for intimacy/sex.Although there is still cloudy mucus out. Write mucus is yellow.

• Menstruation next will occur around 2 sunday (12 -16 days, a minimum of 10 days) after the peak day of fertility. If the period of determining whether the check arrived the day you are in accordance with the peak period of time.

• If menstruation next cycle start new record in a new page or column. Write the date and the period starting the day, order one from the start again. Do not forget to record the changes that day every night. Do not think that one month should be the same as the month even though the other women on the same.

• It is a good idea every time in coitus give a sign (eg sign arrow) in your notes. At least before the last day coitus fertile period and after the first coitus fertile period. Thus the error will be fast and does not recur again.

• The pregnant woman does not need to do a recording. Approximately 1 week or 40 days after the birth records that can be done again at the return of fertility and that does not "have a child does not plan / kesundulan" so do

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What’s Ovulation Method Billings???
(take from Ovulation Method by DR. J.J Billing)

It is a means as safe method and scientific for know when the fertile women. This can be used both to become pregnant or to delay or avoid pregnancy. This method is very simple, inexpensive, and easy to apply because based on the observation itself against symptoms that are naturally experienced by women of every normal.

Who are use this method:

1. couple would be able to plan when pregnant
2. how long do not want to get pregnant
3. when want pregnant again
4. kind of child sex you want

This method is not a prediction method, such as KB natural way in which a calendar method or a matter of arithmetic-date. The occurrence of ovulasi not "predicted" with the way calculate the days before or after menstruation, but determined on the basis of the signs that appear at the time and also easy to recognize by any normal woman.

Method Ovulasi Platform / essential things in the note:

1. each fertile woman who certainly has / will know that the period between two menstruation she will issu a white mucus from her genitals. Mucus gland is derived from the uterus neck. (cervic)
2. This indicates that the mucus is fertile woman (not a disease) and held at that time when the sexual (intimate contact) can become pregnant.
3. At the beginning of mucus is less visible and somewhat cloudy, sticky, white or slightly yellowish. The mucus secretion / multiply, slippery feel on the day to day from Vulva. become more liquid, liquid, giving a sense of wet / slippery and can be flexible, such as raw egg white. After a few days becomes sticky / thick back and eventually stop / dry.

Fertile’s day: a day of mucus that feels slippery and wet and during the next three days.

Sometimes there is little blood / The speck of blood that comes with the mucus, it usually indicates that the eggs are removed from ovarium and that means that women in the fertile.

If you want to have children:

1. See the day where women appear to feel the mucus or a wet and slippery, and elastic (such as raw egg white). (perhaps this does not happen in every cycle).
2. The opportunity to become pregnant is when these days to use in coition. To enhance fertility husband should make sexual abstinence for a few days before the intimacy / sexual for sperma so much.
3. When sexual conducted on the early-to-day called mucus or phlegm in the development of the (peak fertile day before), most likely to be born is a daughter. Medium if you want boys, coitus conducted on the last day of wet and slippery mucus (fertile peak hours) and the next day (ovulation’s day).

• If you do not want children:

1. Do not intimacy / sexual on menstruation. In addition to health reasons also because at the end of the period likely mucus had started out, but it does not look / feel mixed with blood of menstruation. This can occur in short-cycle.
2. Do not learn at the time of the sexual fertile days of the time out of slippery mucus wet, plus 3 days 3 nights thereafter.
3. Do not copulate in the day which happened a little bleeding period between two and three days afterwards.

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Cheap and Easy Tips Eliminate Formalin In Food

What’s Formalin?

Formalin is a trade name formaldehid solution in the water with the 30-40 percent level। In the market, formalin can be obtained in the form has been diluted, with percentage formaldehid 40, 30, 20 and 10 percent and in the form of a tablet each weighing about 5 grams.

Danger Formalin In Food

Formalin is a dangerous and toxic materials for human health. If it’s go into our bodies with food and if it's high amount in the body, the chemical will react with almost all substances in the cells so that the function of cells and cause the death of cells that cause the body poisoned. Besides, the womb of formalin in the body also cause :

1. stomach irritation
2. allergy
3. carsinogenic (causing cancer)
4. a mutagen (causing changes in cell function / network)
5. the people who will consume vomiting, diarrhea mixed with blood, urine mixed with blood, and caused the death of circulatory failure.

Formalin when vapor in the air, in the form of gas that is not colored, with a sharp odor tighten, so it stimulates the nose, throat, and eyes. (DEPKES RI)

Tips Eliminate Formalin In Food

Tips from Dra SUKESI M. Si, Lecturer Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences ITS, to reduce the formalin in food that has been preserved with formalin, we can take advantage. Moreover way offered that is very cheap and easy, and can be done by all of us that only with how to treat the food before consumption.

1. Deformalinisasi process of salted fish (Ikan Asin) can be done in a way soaking (merendam) salted fish in three kinds of solvents are water, salt solven and leri water (water used to wash rice).

  • Soaking in water for 60 minutes is able to lower the rate to 61.25 percent formalin
  • Soaking in leri water (water used to wash rice) during the 60 minutes is able to reduce formalin to 66.03 percent
  • Soaking in salt water is able to reduce formalin to 89.53 percent

2. Deformalinisasi process of Tofu (Tahu) can be done with a three-way soaked in water, in hot water, boiled in boiling water, steamed and boiled in boiling water and followed by the toasting process.

3. Deformalinisasi process of noodle (Bakmie) is the way soaking in hot water for 30 minutes, where the results could eliminate kadar formalin to reach 100 percent.

4. Deformalinisasi process of fresh fish, can be done with the solution soak in vinegar (Cuka) 5 percent for 15 minutes.


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Fresh Meat and Healthy

Some month ago in Semarang any issues about “Daging Glonggongan”.
What's "Daging Glonggongan"???
Head of RPH Salatiga Supriyanto revealed, “Daging Glonggongan is not healthy meat and have the characteristics that is easily recognizable. To find out, consumers can do the physical observations and ensure that the meat is sold or not healthy. Price of healthy meat is relatively normal, while Daging glonggongan is cheap. (Suara Merdeka)

Daging Glonggongan is cattle before slaughtered forced to drink water as much as possible. As a result, body weight a cow can increase more than 20%. For get big profit, Farmer did violence to cattle.

The general characteristics Daging Glonggongan :
  1. The meat not fresh, pale and slimy
  2. The meat release the sticky water
  3. Then the meat is sold traders, does not swing as the withdrawal of fresh meat, because the water will be drops
  4. The smell of meat is not good or rancidity

What's "Fresh Meat and Healthy"???

Ideal way that should be cut in the cattle are :

  1. first, animal take rest during one day
  2. then check-up their healthy have diseases or not (not have worms, wounds, etc)
  3. cutting is done in a way that's true, In Indonesia the majority are Muslims so cutting the animal that is done started with call the name of God and then slaughter is done with the sharp knife to cut the neck to the two main nerves or intravenously.
  4. so with that way, we will get meat with criteria ASUH (Aman/safe , Sehat/health, Utuh/good appearance and Halal)

Next, The general characteristics of Fresh meat and healthy:

  1. if it is touched with the hands of spongy consistency (kenyal)
  2. have any fat in the muscle fiber
  3. the color of meat bright red
  4. The smell of meat good
  5. surface of the meat is relatively dry

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A. What’s Toxoplasmosis???

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. The parasite infects most genera of warm-blooded animals, including humans, but the primary host is the felid (cat) family. Animals are infected by eating infected meat, by ingestion of faeces of a cat that has itself recently been infected, or by transmission from mother to fetus. Cats have been shown as a major reservoir of this infection.

Up to one third of the world's population is estimated to carry a Toxoplasma infection. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that overall seroprevalence in the United States as determined with specimens collected by the National Health and Nutritional Assessment Survey (NHANES) between 1999 and 2004 was found to be 10.8%, with seroprevalence among women of childbearing age (15 to 44 years) of 11%.

During the first few weeks, the infection typically causes a mild flu-like illness or no illness. After the first few weeks of infection have passed, the parasite rarely causes any symptoms in otherwise healthy adults. However, people with a weakened immune system, such as those infected with HIV or pregnant, may become seriously ill, and it can occasionally be fatal. The parasite can cause encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) and neurologic diseases and can affect the heart, liver, and eyes (chorioretinitis).

B. Infection has two stages ???

  1. Acute toxoplasmosis
    During acute toxoplasmosis, symptoms are often influenza-like: swollen lymph nodes, or muscle aches and pains that last for a month or more. Rarely, a patient with a fully functioning immune system may develop eye damage from toxoplasmosis. Young children and immunocompromised patients, such as those with HIV/AIDS, those taking certain types of chemotherapy, or those who have recently received an organ transplant, may develop severe toxoplasmosis. This can cause damage to the brain or the eyes. Only a small percentage of infected newborn babies have serious eye or brain damage at birth.
  2. Latent toxoplasmosis
    Most patients who become infected with Toxoplasma gondii and develop toxoplasmosis do not know it. In most immunocompetent patients, the infection enters a latent phase, during which only bradyzoites are present, forming cysts in nervous and muscle tissue. Most infants who are infected while in the womb have no symptoms at birth but may develop symptoms later in life.

C. Diagnosis

Detection of Toxoplasma gondii in human blood samples may be achieved by using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Inactive cysts may exist in a host which would evade detection.

D. Prevention

Prevention toxoplasmosis most important for women and children :

1. If you have pet animals specially cat so you must :

  • kept their health and go to veterinarian if they are illness soon.
  • don’t give pets raw food (meat and fish must cooked) and don’t give pets chance for get mouse or other animal for food
  • discard pet’s faeces to far place from home and covered land
  • use gloves when you handling pets
  • You must washing your hand after touch pets.

2. Don’t eat raw food (specially meat and fish must cooked)

3. clean fruits and vegetables before cooked or eat

4. clean your hand and kitchen tools specially knife after cut meat or fish with soap

5. don’t drink milk unpasteurized or not yet cooked

6. use gloves before clean waste and gardening

7. check up to doctor before planning pregnant to know since the beginning of the possibility of toxoplasmosis affected so easily for treatment