Friday, February 13, 2009

Tips For Choosing Pet Animal

To decorate our daily lives for not saturate by routines, we often keep the pet animals even this can become a hobby. But there is also a desire to be right only because the trend is affected by the environment around the house or after the association so that there is often maintain flatness of the road because the animal does not patient this devotion. Even pet animals is also often sick and die eventually, this is due to be pitied than humanitarian reasons because the animals are also favored this price is not cheap.

Pet Animals that can be selected that is diverse Dogs, Cats, Rabbit, Bird, Fish, Chicken tub, Turtles, snake and other reptile, Hamster, shrimp etc.

So that we do not keep a pet animals because follow-later and then finally become useless then there are some things that must be observed:

  1. Selecting animal appropriate our interest so that we can maintain and can be pleased with the love sincere
  2. Selecting animal a suitable with our financial condition, this is very important than the price of the animals that we select are also associated with the maintenance (equipment like pens, feed, veterinary and medicine, etc.)
  3. We choose the pet animals adapted to our lifestyle. If we are very busy people who do not maintain recommended pet animals that need extra time like cat races and dog races. Unless we have assistants to do the treatment. Local dog and cat, turtles , bird and hamster might be options.
  4. We must understand the correct ways of keeping pet animals that we choose, especially the ways to understand the basic, such as = including social animals (stray) animals or soliter (must be in pens), type of feed and suplemen, toilet training, how to marry and have children, how to clean the cage and animals, this animal interaction with humans and other animals, and others.
  5. We must understand the purpose of maintaining our pet animals, just as a hobby or business, in general, this is running together. If it means for business should really be to select winning seeds that can be next winning seeds.
  6. We must understand the types of diseases in pet animals, especially the common disease that often affects how we understand the prevention and handling terapinya.
  7. We must also understand the types of animal diseases that can spread to humans (zoonosis) especially those related to the pet animals that we will choose so that we understand the steps and prevent the disease when handling this case.